• Gay-Centered Depth Therapy

    To Generate Your Extraordinary Creative Potentials.

    Christopher Kilbourne, L.M.F.T.

    All Open-Minded People Welcome!

  • Gay-Centered Depth Therapy

    To Generate Your Extraordinary Creative Potentials.

    Christopher Kilbourne, L.M.F.T.

    All Open-Minded People Welcome!

Are you gay or lesbian and looking for a therapist

      who can personally empathize with your struggles –

                     who knows well what it’s like to be gay in a straight world?

Or maybe you’re a curious and inquisitive heterosexual,

        bisexual, trans or intersex person who might be looking for

                    a therapist with lots of experience, insight and depth,

                           who can think outside the box and bring in

                                 a refreshing progressive perspective?

Did you know that in therapy we can go beyond an “affirmative” acceptance of lesbian and gay people, to insist there is a uniquely creative, sensitive, caring, even mystical spirit and soul in being gay or lesbian? Or how about that we can tap into those qualities and work to fully develop them while you become more capable of handling life’s challenges?

You can come more alivecreatively inspired and better turned on to life’s finest possibilities and actually become more yourself and more gay as a psychological experience with the dynamic depth therapy I practice.

And you certainly don’t have to be gay or lesbian to successfully cultivate your own special potentials in such a depthful therapeutic context.

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you really are.”
Carl Jung

I have over thirty years of experience working with:

  • depression, anxiety, grief, anger and trauma
  • substance misuse and other compulsions
  • sexual hang-ups, romantic and relationship difficulties
  • work and career disappointments
  • cultural, racial, sexuality and identity concerns
  • lack of meaning and other issues  

How Does Gay-Centered Therapy With Me Look?

With a warm sensitivity and focused mindful intention, I’ll meet you where you are, whether you need to cautiously open up with me, or you need to just let it all out. I am grateful and feel honored to have worked with many diverse clients each with a unique and beautiful soul and having learned how to create a safe space where you feel in control.

You’re in the driver’s seat whether you need me to be a non-judgmental ear to listen and warmly mirror you, or you want me to be more involved with my skill in leading towards resolution of your problem, or you need to go deeper in the therapeutic experience. My work with you draws on a finely developed multidisciplinary approach that includes CBT and mindfulness, archetypal and psycho-dynamic, emotion-focused, relational, intersubjective, existential, and neuroscience, synthesized and honed with thirty-five years of broad clinical, instructional, supervisorial and community leadership experience, not to mention my own personal inner work. Together we can aim at solving your pressing concerns and develop in you even more complex, depthful and potent mental, emotional and spiritual capabilities.

We’ll thoughtfully explore all your options so to organically come to solutions and resolutions that make sense on many different levels. I’ll help you devise exercises that might be very simple, or more challenging, depending on your need that, for example. can help you better relate with others, focus on tasks, work with difficult feelings, handle stressful situations and meet your goals. We’ll go inward at your pace to make connections to old forgotten parts of yourself now newly conscious and more grounded, more cohered inside. And we can work to better and more deeply feel feelings to learn to better regulate and more humanistically relate with those primal, healing energies of the psyche.

With the unique understanding and insight into the ways of the gay psyche I can bring, together we can open the door to better cultivate an extraordinary transpersonal world that brims with meaning and a lasting sense of fulfillment not previously imaginable – and the nutritive rush of a newly unleashed gay spirit power!

 Let’s Approach Your Problems as a Doorway Through Which You Can Enter Into The Extraordinary World Of Your Gay Psyche – 

And If You’re Other Than Lesbian or Gay, Your Unique Spirit and Self Will Be Specially Honored In A Most Fae Way.

Maybe you can try trusting your gay spirit and invest in your inner life in the gay-centered way I’m offering. Then together in your work with me we can build the resolve and confidence to conscientiously, heroically, transformatively wrestle with those challenging compulsions, habits, defenses, feelings such as fear, shame, anger and hurt!

In thus working to gaily partner with those shunted, shadowy parts, helping to make them conscious and integrate them, that previously split psyche comes to be healed – until the next challenge. And with each new difficulty a persevering drive grows stronger along with a confidence that every newly gained insight can powerfully further the project of psychological differentiation and self-empowerment, which in turn can produce a dynamic, resilient generative operation from which previously stifled creative juices can fully flow.

And although we may have been deprived of much, if any, gay experience growing up, and suffered such harsh repercussions as depression, anxiety, compulsions and relationship problems, to name just a few, I offer the hope that there is a tried and tested path to developing a successful gay personhood – or any successful personhood for that matter. If it weren’t a challenge, the effort probably wouldn’t feel with it!

To learn more about how gay-centered depth therapy with me might work for you,

feel free to contact me: email, text, or phone for a chat,

or you can click the links below to read more:

Liberating Your Gay Or Lesbian Spirit While Honoring Your Unique Cultural Background, Sexuality and Identity

“When we fall in love with someone something special happens…

We’re transported to euphoric highs and the most common things start glowing with warm light. The beloved takes on a special power and wonder and meaning. 
What’s the nature of this love, and why does it seem so wonderful?
I think it’s because it unlocks the secret reality, the secret self inside each of us, and provides a doorway to revelations and growth and true human maturity.
When we fall in love with another…We’re getting in touch with an unconscious spirit-source, by evoking it in our beloved.
We can follow this magic back inside us to its source, and use it to uncover our real nature.”
     — Mitch Walker; Men Loving Men: A Gay Sex Guide and Consciousness Book. 1977, Gay Sunshine Press

Why not take the leap to cross “over the rainbow” to develop your unique gay spirit potentials! I would be happy to give you a better sense of what I can provide. Just contact me and let’s chat!

“Nothing is possible without love…For love puts one in the mood to risk everything.”

— Carl Jung

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Meet Christopher Kilbourne

I had already begun to find myself by coming out of the closet, striking out as an entrepreneurial craftsperson, as well as an activist involved in trying to change the world, when, just turned 21, I met my cherished, long-time partner, Mitch Walker, who happened to be the innovator of gay-centered psychology. I was definitely ripe for the gay spiritual and psychological turn things took then. His devotion to gay love as a legitimate path of self-becoming was contagious and I soon found myself on a remarkable personal journey that continues to this day of initiation into the mysteries of gay Eros and psyche. He turned me on to the psychology of C.G. Jung as a theory powerfully useful for understanding gay ensoulment, among many other wonderful ideas, as well introducing me to Harry Hay and the Radical Faeries, and also to a fiery passion for gay liberation organizing. By 1991 I became licensed as a therapist as a most effective way to share with other seekers the kind of meaningful, psychologically genuine, and visionary gay-centered life that’s reflected in my practice to this day.

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