• Nurture Your Soul and
    Reach for Your Dreams

  • Nurture Your Soul and
    Reach for Your Dreams


The Experience of Psychotherapy With Me

Good therapy is a team effort that inspires the courage required to face difficult problems and the creativity needed to devise the most effective solutions to those problems. Moreover, this effort is likely to be enhanced when your therapist can draw on a broad range of time-tested approaches honed through decades of experience with diverse clients. I believe that no matter the problem, I can be that therapist who can help inspire such a collaborative endeavor that works for you like you’ve never experienced before.

Let’s figure out reasonable, effective solutions, find the resources you need, and open up to sensitive feelings and hidden issues that require a non-judgmental ear and supportive feedback.

I Specialize In Addressing:

• work, career, future
• depression, moods
• creativity, motivation
• grief, anger, trauma
• anxiety, worries, compulsions
• intimacy, sex and relationships
• L.G.B.T. sexuality and identity
• self-esteem, self-actualization and meaning

Now, to the Roots of the Problem

And then if we have to really dig down, it’s useful to have someone in your corner with the necessary depthful, skilled insight and acute emotional discernment to thoroughly get at the causes of difficult patterns that keep playing out, which we can achieve with a firm yet gentle presence of confidence and a heartening, even exciting, sense of wonder and discovery. Together we can ease into  uncovering the cause of thwartful habits, make  cathartic, transformative connections, and tap into that ancient alchemical, individuational instinct which is sourced in the deepest self, so as to soundly establish the foundation necessary to create the better life you could only dream of — from the inside out.

How Can We Get There?

A big step can be to re-conceptualize your current hardships and old hurts as “heroic challenges,” a basic intervention which could in itself make a remarkable difference. To imagine an archetypal level in your mind where the potent ancient configuration of the hero’s journey can be awakened, can imbue challenges with life-affirming meaning and result in a freshly empowered sense of self. And we can have some fun, too, for example picturing yourself as a frightened Dorothy or a reluctant Frodo, both of whom had to struggle with a range of extraordinary experiences on their quests, from horrible to heart-wrenching to enchantingly beautiful. And that’s just a taste of the creative ways we can collaborate to envision — and realize — your own unique path to victoriously reach your goals, learning methods to deal with  obstacles and demons that distract and undermine your venture, and what it takes to cultivate the deeper care and support you need from your allies and loved ones to make your efforts successful.

Seeing yourself  on a hero’s quest and learning to cultivate deepening relationships with the various aspects of your mind are strategies based in C.G. Jung’s active imagination technique, which is an elemental method for building a stronger and more resilient sense of self, as well as inspiring the motivation needed to effectively encounter the self-sabotaging inner demons of unresolved issues. Through our mutual efforts, we can, hand-in-hand, develop your own creative potentials to ever more proficiently aid in solving the problems that block the cultivation of loving supportive relationships and full realization of your dreams.

I aim to calibrate my overall approach to best meet the distinctive needs of your unique personhood, with careful consideration paid to your particular social, familial, and cultural context.

Years of wholehearted effort have cultivated in me a deep appreciation for the powerful role therapy can play in overcoming all sorts of obstacles to living a more meaningful and enriching life. And moreover, in seriously practicing what I preach, I believe that my devotion to my own ongoing self-development incisively informs my therapy practice and the warm affinity I feel with each person I’ve ever worked with. I cherish that special rapport as an essential healing ingredient which has nurtured so many to achieve the courage, self-regard and confidence needed to take charge and successfully improve their lives, from the roots up!

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Meet Christopher Kilbourne

I’m a depth-oriented therapist who aims for a rejuvenating experience through engaging the powerful feelings inhabiting psychological issues, wherein the source of positive healing transformation awaits. Because dealing with life’s problems in practical ways is important as well, I may initially employ cognitive-behavioral learning techniques to help solve concrete difficulties. As that effort proceeds, relational and emotion-centered psycho-dynamic methods can be increasingly employed to address deep-seated roots of daily issues and disturbances.


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