I’d love to chat with you if you’re looking for a seasoned therapist who aims for sensitivity, smarts and soul to help you address your concerns in regard to relationship difficulty, low self-esteem, sexual identity problems, creative blocks, anxiety, anger, depression, to name just a few areas – or if you simply want someone to attentively listen and give you objective feedback. I invite you to discover how my over 30 years’ experience helping people of various backgrounds, races, sexualities and struggles, can inspire hope and confidence that any problem can be met as a creative challenge which can be successfully resolved.

I am dedicated to helping make things better in a mutual effort, through offering a new perspective, caring positive regard, insightful direction, and providing a safe enough experience to face life’s most difficult tests and personal demons. I certainly cherish the opportunity to encounter the challenge of creatively, expeditiously overcoming such problems, but I especially prize that best of outcomes, the inspired, healing feeling of synergism that is possible in therapeutic psychodynamic relations with all sorts of people, a magical experience which can lead to a deepened, more differentiated mental constitution and capabilities.

I hope my knowledge of psychological skills, a practical synthesis of Jungian and psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioral, emotion-centered, and relational approaches, distilled from having successfully engaged many clients and augmented by my own ongoing journey of self-love, can help you overcome your own obstacles to healing and the realization of your dreams.

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